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Pay attention, from this schoolyear (2019-2020)  we are forced to use a waiting list for the time being.

Assumptions of the school

Our school is a neighborhood-oriented school with an open and friendly climate.
In addition to much attention for basic subjects, the pursuit of a good pedagogical climate is characteristic in our school. 
Agreements, rules and learning to be aware of each other are an essential part of this. You can expect the team members to give an example in this.
We do our best to offer children a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment in which they can develop further. At the same time we try to take account of differences in ability and development.

Our mission
The school's mission is to provide result-oriented education in a safe environment, based on a climate of trust, support and challenge.

Our vision
In our school is of paramount importance:  "Take care of each other"
which means:

• everyone is responsible for each other's safety;
• everyone supervises what can go wrong;
• everyone reports risks, damage, bullying and threats.
We therefore expect all employees, parents and students of our school to adhere to this so that everyone can feel safe at our school.
The vision is the guideline for our educational policy, personnel policy and communication. Our vision also plays a role in shaping our financial- and material policy and quality assurance.