School registration

School registration


We are happy and welcoming to all internationals .

If you are considering to enrol your child at our school, you can make an appointment for an interview and informative tour. Please contact Jorien Vleugels by phone: 0499-490380 or e-mail:  

You can receive the registrationpapers form after the interview and informative tour. Children who live in zip code area 5631 can generally be placed. For children living outside this postcode area, there is a list of interest. The parents of these children will be  informed if their child can be placed at the our school.

Six weeks before the start of your child's attendance you will receive  information regarding the start date for your child to attend school  and also the teachers details. Children are invited to come for a trial afternoon to get accustomed to their new environment and also a home visit from the  teacher will be scheduled.

If your child is older than 4 years and you have recently moved to the area or you are considering switching schools, please contact us, together we can see what the possibilities are. 
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